Business Development Intern

Περιγραφή Θέσης/εων Πρακτικής Άσκησης:

You will be working hand in hand with our Business Development Manager based in Athens. You will be involved in business development, CRM and communication missions on the one side, and in product management, operations and quality control on the other. You’ll build a strong, diverse and unique experience within the app development industry ! You will be exchanging daily with Apprecot's partners – from telecommunications companies, auto industry leaders or even startuppers who are starting from the scratch. You will be involved in the business development strategy, planning and daily missions. We will always want to hear your questions, thoughts and any suggestions you might have to improve processes in place throughout your internship ! The job is based in Athens, & should bring you in worldwide app development and programing conferences around the world, while we will help you understand blockchain technologies.

Απαραίτητα Προσόντα: • Excellent communication skills
• Excellent Excel skills
• Ability to use and analyse large data datasets
• Logic & smart thinking
• Problem solving skills
• Ability to follow agreed priorities & exchanging with clients and partners on a daily basis.
• Team player
• Detail-oriented, driven & enthusiastic
• With a desire to build experience in the app development industry
• We like to think a love for apps and mobiles is necessary
Απαραίτητες Ικανότητες και Δεξιότητες: Full time internship or apprenticeship
Travels to EU biz conferences
Become part of a young and international team obsessed with bettering the app development industry.
Θέσεις Πρακτικής Άσκησης: 1 άτομο
Τελειόφοιτοι/Πτυχιούχοι: Πανεπιστημίου/ΤΕΙ/ΙΕΚ
Υποβολή Αίτησεων Μέχρι: 31/03
Επωνυμία Εταιρείας: Apprecot Software
Αποστολή Βιογραφικών στο παρακάτω e-mail/website: [email protected]
Πως να κάνεις αίτηση για αυτή τη θέση: Στείλτε το βιογραφικό σας πατώντας στην καρτέλα "Αποστολή βιογραφικού".

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